Dive into Flavorful Adventures

Untamed Waters

Welcome to Untamed Waters Brewing, your craft beer oasis in the heart of Fort Mill, SC. Our mission is simple yet profound: to craft exceptional beers that awaken the adventurous spirit within. Here, every brew is a bold exploration of taste, embodying the untamed essence of nature.


Crafting the Untamed Experience

Immerse yourself in the spirited world of Untamed Waters Brewing, where our passion for excellence and innovation comes alive in every pint. At the heart of our craft is a harmonious blend of traditional brewing artistry and daring exploration. This approach brews a captivating array of beers, each a reflection of nature’s wild heart. Our selection spans from the light and invigorating to the deep and complex — think effervescent IPAs, rich stouts, and a revolving door of seasonal specialties, not to mention our own signature crafted seltzers. For those seeking a non-alcoholic journey, our artisanal sodas offer a refreshing escape.

But Untamed Waters is more than just a brewpub; it’s an experience. Our doors open to a vibrant, inviting world where relaxation and socialization come naturally. Whether you’re unwinding in our taproom, mingling on the patio, or indulging in our culinary delights, our space is designed to be more than a place to drink — it’s a community hub, a playground of flavors, and a haven for adventurers at heart. Join us at Untamed Waters Brewing, where we invite you to unleash your senses, embark on a flavorful journey, and experience the “Untamed” side of our “Waters”.


What We Have: Our Blend of Bold Brews and Fine Foods

Savor the harmony of our bold brews and fine foods. Experience the synergy of handcrafted beers and gourmet bites, each a testament to our artisanal passion. 


Join us for a day of fun! Including new beer, food, raffle live music and more!