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Untamed Waters Brewing

Gourmet Flavors from Our Kitchen to Yours

Splendishes Kitchen, founded by Shonali Thomas, brings a splash of culinary artistry to every meal with its line of handcrafted spices and gourmet dishes. Fellow Fort Mill neighbor and based in Rock Hill, SC, Splendishes infuses homes with a passion for flavor and a zest for wholesome, creative cooking. Enjoy the journey of taste with their expertly blended seasonings and family-inspired recipes.


Multi-Faceted Artist Painting & Scratching Your Senses

From doing large scale murals, digital artwork for businesses, acrylic paintings, T-shirt design and even DJing music Timmy Dub’s artistic expression is truly “Untamed”. He is the man behind the overall artistic design for Untamed Waters Brewing including logos, individual beer art including can labels, some brewery hanging art, spray painting, etc.

From drawing constantly throughout his schooling yet never really taking any formal art classes to later falling into the world of tattooing, then picking up a wide range of mediums along the way, Timmy Dub’s passion continually rocket his ability to create amazing art. Leaving tattooing after a 15 year run, he now solely focuses on creating specific pieces for his clients that has his name all over it.

Crafting Visual Stories with Every Stroke

Jake Summerour, an illustrator and designer, captures life’s vibrancy through his evocative artwork. He is the wielder of the painted mural inside of our brewery. Originally from the local Charlotte area, Jake also spent time in FL and has been back in the local area doing art now full time. From the detailed strokes of his illustrations to the bold colors of his designs, Jake brings characters and concepts to life. His work not only enhances our brewery’s visual appeal but also resonates with art lovers everywhere.

Where Every Sip is a Story

Humble Cup Coffee Co., our neighbor right across the street is nestled in the heart of the Fort Mill community. They pour more than just coffee—they pour their hearts into every cup. Their commitment to ethically sourced beans and expertly roasted blends makes them the perfect partner for our early risers and caffeine aficionados. Savor the rich, authentic flavors that make every visit a fresh discovery. Next time you’re in the brewery and you see Humble Brew on tap, the coffee used in the beer is their curated Gratitude coffee blend.

Families Serving Families

Our parking lot neighbor shares their families’ hearts and passion for sharing food for Fort Mill. From breakfast, brunch, to lunch and pastries, Poppyseed Kitchen has what you need to be fulfilled. They have opened their family to ours as we support each other as local business neighbors. Next time you’re there and/or in our taproom, see if you can try our collaborative Hoppyseed brew.

Crafting Our Digital Presence

Local & Qualified are the digital alchemists behind our vibrant website and marketing materials. With a keen eye for design and a knack for storytelling, they’ve masterfully captured the spirit of Untamed Waters Brewing. Their work not only showcases our brand but also connects us with our community, one click at a time. Dive into their world of creative digital solutions at Local & Qualified.

Other Places Serving UWB Beer